Price List

Price List


Standard Basic Relaxing and Recondition massage

60 minutes  25€

90 minutes 35€

120 minutes 45€

Any other type of massage – price on individual agreement.

Massages are done only in Prague, the capital of Czech republic.

I can do it preferably in your hotel room, rent flat and any other privat.
Also massaging in a professional saloon/fitnes are available
but for paying additional extras there. Time is limited then according the opening hours of the saloon or fitness.

Ordering is almost unlimited since morning till late evening time.
Just contact me by phone number (+420) 776 233 790 to find out if I am free then or also e-mail me in 24 hrs advance. (For the nice price.)

PLEASE, REMEMBER: I am not a driver but using public traffic transport. I am taking all my massage supplies with me (everything is from official Czech market import, quality guaranteed). Due to my bad visual orientation (semi blindness) the best way is to meet me on the metro or tram station just next to your location.